For Libraries

Libraries: Thank you for your active and spirited support of Club Book. Your input prior to and assistance on the day of the event are vital to the continued success of the series.

Process Overview

If you are from any of the nine library systems serviced by or partnered with the Metropolitan Area Library Service Agency (MELSA), we will be in touch with your predetermined Club Book liaison in advance of each new season’s scheduling to:

  • Determine preferred library or community venue(s) for your next Club Book event,
  • Determine which dates work best for your system to host its next Club Book event, and
  • Gauge which genres are of particular interest to your patrons.

We take this information into consideration as we work with publishers, publicists, agents, and speakers bureaus to bring authors from all over the country to the Twin Cities area.

If, for whatever reason, your library system wishes to change its Club Book point person, please let us know at your earliest convenience. Simply email us at with the contact’s name and phone/email information.

Beyond the Book

Club Book aims to be the coolest club in town, and we are always receptive of new ideas to help make your next event one to remember. As you and your team brainstorm ideas for the next Club Book season, do not hesitate to think beyond the bounds of author and venue. Creative extensions may include:

  • Reaching out to local businesses who might be interested in co-sponsoring a Club Book event – for example, through providing refreshments or tie-in activities; or,
  • Developing a partnership with your local Friends organization or library book clubs to provide something similar (and help spread the word!).

Please let us know if you have anything specific in mind that we can provide assistance with.